Two entries back I posted photos of the Goby egg-eating seaslug Calma gobioophaga. Last week I was lucky enough to spot its cousin, Calma glaucoides, who is a bit less fussy and eats different types of fish eggs, as well as cephalopod eggs. I found it by turning over a rock whilst snorkeling in a very shallow (<50 cm!) pool. Next to a depleted patch of clingfish eggs, it was circling around, busily depositing eggs of its own. A fantastic surprise, and I really need to get on with recording such findings.

4 thoughts on “Nudibranch

  1. Thanks Mick for posting again after a short break. I do enjoy your posts and yesterdays and today’s posts were as interesting as ever. I met you when I was with Dave Fenwick at Newlyn Marina. You had your family with you, don’t suppose you will remember me! Anyway keep the posts coming, I look forward to seeing them and seeing what equipment you use. Jan.

    • Thanks Jan!

      Yes I remember, although it was a while back….thanks for the encouragement, I really need to post more often. I will make sure to include some pics of kit in a future post as well. cheers Mick

  2. Wonderful. So encouraging to see and learn about your activities, even those of us who can’t dive or snorkel can turn stones in shallow pools. Not sure my North Devon shores have many such riches though.

    • Hi Paula,
      thanks for the compliment! North Devon should have about the same flora and fauna. But regardless it is nice my occasional blog posts enable others to experience the shore vicariously! cheers Mick

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