Seaweed Gallery

This is a quick visual reference for common seaweeds in Cornwall, UK. Most photos were taken in my regular snorkel spot in Falmouth (using a Canon G16 or an Olympus OMD5 mark2). Please note that this gallery is far from complete, and even common species are still missing (as there are hundreds of species, this gallery will never be complete!). I am adding more species as I find them.

For correct identification, it is often necessary to study seaweeds in detail (using a hand lens or even a microscope). It is not my aim to publish anything resembling a proper guide and I will not upload any detailed images or even text. I have not added information on site or date either (uploading these images was tedious enough as it was!). However, all photos have been posted on the blog before, and you can search for them in their original posts (with more information on context) using tags. The sole purpose is to complement other resources by providing photographs of seaweeds underwater. I have not uploaded species of which I am not sure, but it is possible that I have made a few mistakes (please comment or email if you spot any!). I have posted unknowns at the end.

For much more information on seaweeds in the UK, including on distribution, life-cycle and commonly confused species, I highly recommend the “Seaweeds of Britain and Ireland” guide by Bunker, Brodie, Maggs and Bunker. This is the best photographic guide out there and is very reasonable priced, get it here! I also highly recommend aphotomarine for identification of many Cornish species, including seaweeds, as well as the website algaebase.

If you are interested in using these photos for non-commercial, educational purposes, feel free to go ahead, just attribute them to me: Michiel Vos. You can reach me at