rockpool impressions

Some pics from last week when the weather was good. The pools are golden brown at the moment (especially in the sun) with wire weed, thong weed and kelp dominating and mainly pinkish harpoon weed on the bottom. There are many schools of pollack along with the occasional school of young mullet and sand smelt. (One sand smelt was not in very good shape so I could get very close to take a good look.) These pics are taken using natural light. Nothing too special but I just wanted to post a bit more this year!

3 thoughts on “rockpool impressions

  1. Your seaweeds look in better condition than what I have seen on my patch at the Ecrehous, perhaps our stronger tides give them a rougher time. The harpoon weed I generally see is fluffy and paler. And our wire weed generally dominates everything else until it dies off in August. On the plus side I have seen Codium bursa, and peacocks tail.

  2. Beautiful, natural light images. I especially love the composition of the first one. Thank you for sharing. Keeping me going till I get back in September!

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