More Macro

These photos are from a couple of weeks back; since the weather has been hideous most of the time I have not been out much since. More practice with the m.zuiko 60mm macro lens abovewater. Above a small Strawberry anemone. Below a small Cushion star Asterina gibbosa and my finger tip for size. Below that the hydroid Candelabrum cocksii and an Idotoea isopod species (there are several common Idotoea species but I have not paid much attention to them yet I must admit). Finally, the adorable Worm pipefish Nerophis lumbriciformis which is common and usually found in small groups under rocks (I have never seen them underwater as they are small, slow, well-camouflaged and probably hidden most of the time). Definitely will try to get some more portraits of these lovely fish!

2 thoughts on “More Macro

  1. I have a new temperate marine tank, 3000 litres, yes not a typo. I am slowly stocking it and want to collect anemones and some weeds. Can I ask any pointers on how to collect specimens without damaging them

    • Hi Mark, wow! Hope you can start a blog or otherwise (forum, facebook group) document establishing this aquarium. Where are you based? You need to be sure you can collect species legally. Anemones can be very gently removed using a spatula or fingers. Seaweeds: i believe it is best to see what grows from the rocks you put in the aquarium. Fullgrown weeds can die and cause water quality problems. The sand, water and rocks will be seeded with them, and the ones that like the particular conditions in your aquarium will grow. Cheers mick

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