New Aquarium: Red Sea Reefer 170

I replaced my old Red Sea Max 130D tank last December with a new Red Sea Reefer 170 tank. I was not entirely happy with the design of the old tank (see this old post) and I was thinking of a new aquarium with a sump, and then my retrofitted LEDs stopped working: I was practically forced to buy a new aquarium! It is much better to have a sump to have a large skimmer in, the glass is much clearer and the (separately bought) AI prime LEDs are great (with seven different individually adjustable colours). I had a long day switching tanks and found three clingfish alive and well. I released my ballan wrasse as it was before the christmas break and I did not want to let it go two weeks without food. In the following weeks, I managed to collect some more anemones, I now have Snakelocks, Strawberries, Beadlets, Daisies, Redspeckleds and Dahlias. It is my aim to collect maybe ten or so more species this year when rockpooling and diving and turn it into a proper anemone tank. I probably won’t add any fish or big inverts as they could fall prey to the anemones. I have added some snails to help keep the algae under control, unfortunately after a a superclean first two months some green hues are starting to appear so I will add some more. These are two hasty shots; a proper update is soon to follow!

6 thoughts on “New Aquarium: Red Sea Reefer 170

  1. Hi, what a great blog!
    I am a marine bio student at Plymouth thinking about a dissertation on Cystoseira tamariscifolia. I’d like to keep some in a tank at home to do some early work and make observations. I wonder if you have any advice about the aquarium conditions which they need ?
    Thanks in advance!

    • Thanks Barry. I would contact Heather Whitney at Bristol who recently published on iridescence in this species if I were you! You cannot readily keep it, probably best to study it in situ actually, cheers Mick

    • It would be grat to have jewels in my tank but they are a bit more difficult I think, in general the bigger the anemone the easier it is to keep. I hope I can collect some new species this year when diving.

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