Aquarium Update 4

Hmmmm. After a promising start, disappointment has set in: algae spreading and seaweeds withering. To top it off: the Corkwing wrasse went missing; no dead fish to see but a noticeably larger Snakelocks anemone….After it managed to catch some prawns as well, it decided to split into two. I did managed to find a live Turban (or great) top shell Gibbula magus though and it seems happy (I do not have a good picture of it so see here.) I did some more fishing of the quay with my net and caught many small Corkwings and some Sea sticklebacks as well as a Long-spined bullrout (or Sea scorpion) Taurulus bubalis (see also here). The plan was to only keep them for a couple of days to then bring them to a local outreach event (see here for last years edition). I should have known better: the Sea scorpion ate about six fish overnight and so I quickly released the remaining prey fish…. IMG_2719Keeping a healthy native aquarium is not easy, and I am making it myself a bit too difficult with all the seaweed experimenting. Perhaps I need to try something else? An anemone aquarium could be nice (although that would mean no fish or maybe just a Sea scorpion…). I found a link to a supernice Russian anemone aquarium (very cold, 3-8 degrees), check this out! The aquariums from the US West Coast that I see on the Coldwater Marine Aquarium Owners facebook group also look really nice. I need to get the Tunze going again, replace the Rowaphos, do a water change and start thinking what I want to catch…

One thought on “Aquarium Update 4

  1. Hallo Michiel,

    ich vermute, je größer der Seetang ist, der aus der Natur entnommen wird,
    desto schwieriger gewöhnt er sich im Aquarium ein. Nur eine Theorie…
    Kleine, gerade erst sprossende Makroalgen sollten aber bei dir gut heranwachsen.
    Ist natürlich eine Geduldfrage, die sich aber lohnt.
    Das russische Anemonenbecken ist wirklich atemberaubend, ich kenne das auch.
    Da fehlen jetzt nur noch zwei, drei schöne Makros… :-))

    Lieben Gruß

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