low tide

The tides were good this weekend and so we went out to Gylly (Gyllyngvase) Beach in Falmouth, specifically the rocks to the west of the beach (I normally go to Castle Beach to the east):


Although the tide was quite low, no special sublittoral species were encountered, but everything time you go out you still see something new. For instance, a newly moulted Furrowed crab, Xantho incisus pink and soft next to its old brown carapace: IMG_5469

There were very many small Blue-rayed limpets Helcion pellucidum (see also here) on the kelp:IMG_5412

A tiny Rissoa parva snail:IMG_5409

and a Painted top shell Calliostoma zizyphinum:IMG_5457

Some dark green Cladophora rupestris:IMG_5437

A fine red seaweed (I do not know which one) growing on top of Dulse Palmaria palmata growing in turn on top of kelp: IMG_5455

4 thoughts on “low tide

  1. Hi Michiel
    What amazing photos you have from the Cornish coast. My Mum spent most of her childhood In Newquay, Penzance and Truro and I have happy memories of going back there with her. I have taken up creative writing in retirement and usually include a photo in my writing blog, known as a pangolin (which currently has all of nine followers!). I am writing to you to ask whether I could use your picture of blue-rayed limpets in my next blog – they feature in a short story I am working on. I will of course credit you with the photo.
    with best wishes
    David Cundall (davidcundall.com)

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