Aquarium Update 16

It has been more than five months since the last update on my Red Sea Max 130D so high time for nr 16. I have bought a media basket to force the water more through the filtration material, which cannot be a bad thing, but otherwise have done very little. I have not been diving as much as I wanted, and still have not gone to any of the deeper sites where I perhaps could have found some Dahlia anemones, larger Brittlestars or other interesting things. I have a red seaweed growing from the rocks; it has encrusted all rocks in a deep red colour and grows out of in a bit of a lettuce-shape. At first I thought it was the invasive species Grateloupia but the shape and colour are a bit different, I will enquire at the Seaweeds of the NE Atlantic facebook group what it is. I have some green algae but they grow in tufts that can be easily removed so I cannot complain really. Below a shot of the tank, it does not look great but there you have it:img_7419The anemones are still so-so. I think that plumose anemones need very fines foods and water changes, which I do not really do and as a result they are often closed and not growing. The strawberries and beadlets still don’t do as well as they did, no idea why. My Red-speckled anemones (Anthopleura ballii) on the other hand do great and are my favourites. Below a photo of a specimen I collected at a good low tide in Flushing this week and one in my aquarium that has grown quite a bit. It fluoresces in the middle. img_5611img_7401I have some squat lobsters rummaging around as well as a cool hairy crab. I have got rid of prawns as they are so aggressive! Every time I opened the hood and stopped the pump, they came swimming to the top, legs tickling and scraping on the plastic and attacking my fingers. They are part of the reason that my fish have not fared too well. I had some Pollack for a while but they eventually succumbed. I believe my flow is on the strong side, and with an occasional missed feeding and less energy, the prawns and anemones will not tolerate any slip up! I caught some Sand smelt (see here for two videos) with my big net from the quay but these formed a meal for other inhabitants within the day. I caught a Topknot (by hand) (see here) but that disappeared after a while too. I have two or three Cornish suckers that do well though. As soon as I feed they stick their noses from under rocks and dart out to catch some defrosted shrimp but otherwise you hardly see them. I was lucky to catch a bright green juvenile Ballan wrasse Labrus bergylta of the quay which does great (they are not as nervous as the more common corkwing wrasse). I caught another individual (I only ever caught three) but the first one started picking on it, changing from bright green to a more subdued marbled green. I was not in time to release one of them and the second fish died unfortunately.


7 thoughts on “Aquarium Update 16

    • Hey Marius, the red seaweed first covered all the rocks in red, and then started growing out but it has started to die back, I am sure in spring it will start growing again. The Ballan is nice, but I will release it before the Xmas holiday as I will be away. I would love to have a Goldsinny wrasse as well but I only ever caught one with my net….Did you move and set up your new tank yet? I want to see some irishrockpoolaquarium updates!

      • Wow thats so cool, I love when stuff just start growing, hopefully it will come back in spring. Lucky you, I never caught anyhting else than corkwings. I got some Rockcook wrasse of Peter they where really nice and very well behaved 😉
        Hehe nice to hear. Good motivation for me 😉 anytime I see your posts I am thinking I should really post something myself 😉 Yes I moved but i never setup my big tank as I never finished the liverock background but will do over the winter now hopefully. Was busy kayak fishing/sailing and stuff. Have a 180l going with a baby giant spider crab (I think) and starting to properly cultivate mysis shrimp just a week a go in a 70l. Will try and post something soon for ya…
        All the best

      • Yeah it is, did it before but the tank wasnt suitable, now i think I have a good system for them. Will try and make a post about it.
        You going away from the dark side? hope you are not completely converting but i am sure its addicting as is anything aquaristic, hehe 😉

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