Aquarium Update 13

IMG_0863It has been a while since I last posted an aquarium update. I have not done too much with the tank and at the moment it is looking so-so. I have introduced some Beadlet anemones which are doing fine and have produced some tiny offspring. I managed to remove a dark red Dahlia anemone from a rock during my last dive which is also doing well. After freeing the Tompot blenny, the two strawberry anemones have come out of hiding and are looking bright and happy again. I have a Plumose anemone that is hardly ever open. All the echinoderm species are doing well. The Spiny starfish have grown a lot: the largest one in the picture from September now is as big as my hand! The Pollock seemed to do well but nevertheless died (without leaving a trace of course). These more pelagic fish are not as hardy as the wrasses, blennies and gobies. The light is at a low level and so the seaweeds are not surviving for long. I had almost no algae, but feeding the anemones and fish with defrosted shrimp has caused thick green algae to start growing. I sometimes drop in some more Grey topshells to fight this but they are probably rapidly eaten by the starfish…It is very tricky to get the balance right! I need more light for seaweeds, more snails to combat algae and so probably need to ditch any large starfish (and maybe some of the fish) that eat the snails. I would like to get more anemone species as most species (not all) seem easy to keep and are beautiful: more Dahlia anemone colour variants, some Red-speckled anemones (which were accidentally buried under the sand, I still regret that!) and Daisy anemones…next year! (Btw, click this Aquarium Update tag if you are interested in previous aquarium-related posts.)

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