Aquarium Update 6

Time for a quick update on the aquarium. I could not resist trying to see how a school of mullet would fare with the sea scorpion around. Actually, the prawns formed a bigger immediate danger: one fish was grabbed and killed straight away, another fish I could save just in time, so I decided to remove the bigger prawns from the tank. The Sea scorpion picked off a bunch of the mullet in the first night and a couple in the week after but the number has stabilized at eleven, natural selection in action! Also added two Strawberry anemones. The Chrysymenia seaweed is growing very well and I have had to remove quite a bit already so it is forming a good nutrient sink. I have added more Cushion stars and Grey topshells to keep the algae and detritus in check.IMG_3310

3 thoughts on “Aquarium Update 6

  1. Fantastic! Must look amazing a school of small mullet in the tank? Great to see the natural selection and the strong ones that remain should to well. How did you catch them? We tried to get some as well but it was completely hopeless to catch them in the pools they were just laughing at us 😉 Brilliant to see your seaweed is growing so well! Do you think it has to do with your blueish light spectrum or more because of the adjusted temperature? All the best

    • Hey Marius,
      My friend Thor was able to catch the mullet, I don’t think I could have! I must say that the last count was eight, so the selection pressure is a bit too severe! I like the Scorpion fish but it is a naughty boy (or girl)! I hope to get rid of 4 out of 6 blue LEDs and replace them with two white ones, because I do not like the blue much, cheers M

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