Stranded: Bluefin Tuna

All over the news yesterday: the stranding (or rather hauling out of the shallows) of a Bluefin tuna Thunnus thynnus in Kingsand (check the BBC, with the Western Morning News claiming it was worth a million pounds; as freshness is key for sushi I don’t think a dead fish washing ashore will have any value but there you go…). Strandings are sad events (see also here) but are also exciting as they offer a glimpse of creatures you normally won’t ever see. The news mentioned that the cadaver would be brought over to the University of Exeter at Falmouth and sure enough I saw gloved men deliberating how to get a heavy bodybag into a cold room when arriving at work this morning. Not sure if a proper autopsy will take place to determine cause of death, but if that happens I will try to stick my nose in (figuratively speaking) and report back to you dear reader.




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