Two Sea Slugs

Miserable weather in Flushing this Sunday, but the local critters are not going to identify themselves so out to the shore it was! Amongst a bunch of interesting finds (the tide was quite low), a Chinaman’s hat, baby Thick-lipped dog whelks and Horseman anemones. Also two slugs I had not seen before. The beautiful Grey Sea slug Aeolidia papillosa which preys on anemones (not the best picture but it was raining and my hands were cold):

IMG_8493Pictures of the Yellow-plumed Sea slug Berthella plumula in my Collins guide show quite a beautiful animal, but it was a bit underwhelming in reality. This species has an internal shell and eats colonial tunicates. I found a bunch of them huddled together (the one on the left i turned over):IMG_8475