Mevagissey Aquarium

IMG_9615Mevagissey is a nice little fishing port to the east of Falmouth, across the Roseland Peninsula. It also can boast of an aquarium, which of course needed to be checked out! The Mevagissey Aquarium is housed in the old R.N.L.I. Boathouse and so it is tiny. No coffee/gift shop or educational posters but just some tanks with local fish; just the way I like it.IMG_9632There are just seven tanks, but they are quite big. The focus is on fish, with crabs, lobsters and starfish as the only invertebrates (probably because the aquarium is supported by the fishing community and that is what they know best). Large Seabass and Mullet:


IMG_9620The tanks are not the prettiest in the world; a lot of blue paint and haphazard rocks. I have no idea why somebody thought that plastic plants and wood were a good idea for decoration. It would be nice to also have included some different habitats and (smaller) organisms. Having said that, the tanks are impressive in size and harbour quite a range of different fish, which all seemed well cared for. I should also mention that entrance is free, which is great, and donations alone will of course not be sufficient to cover fancy LED lighting etc. All in all highly recommended for a visit when you are in the area, which by the way is pretty stunning. Below a Ling and some Boarfish (or Zulufish, a deeper water species, see here for more info):