This Friday at the Seven Stars pub in Flushing there was a lot of activity in the water. Huge shoals of Sand smelt Atherina presbyter ((EDIT or potentially Herring….very difficult to make out!) were chased up the slip by mackerel. The shoals were so dense you could scoop the fish out of the water with your hands and shed fish scales were shimmering everywhere. I quickly picked up my camera from home down the road and stuck it underwater. With the fading light (and two kids to take care of) the filming was hurried and not ideal, but still gave a nice view of the frantic activity.


two fish

We had a good snorkel session at Nansidwell Beach with an enormous amount of two-spotted gobies about. We found some less lively fish as well on the beach: a bunch of juvenile Mackerel Scomber scombrus (already in a bit of a bad state) and also a juvenile Horse mackerel Trachurus trachurus (see here for a live one): IMG_3090