in search for new seaweeds

Last Sunday morning I picked up my trusted bucket and drove to Castle Beach in Falmouth to get myself some new seaweeds. It was cold and my hands soon became numb rummaging through the rock pools. IMG_1733However, I found what I came for…. IMG_1734Thick bush of False eyelash weed Calliblepharis jubata: IMG_1735Red grape weed Gastroclonium ovatum: IMG_1754Wireweed Sargassum muticum. This weed and some others can be forcefully (but carefully) pulled from the rock, taking with it a shard which is very convenient for planting in the aquarium. IMG_1746Harpoon weed Asparagopsis armata growing on Black scour weed Ahnfeltia plicata: IMG_1739My new favourite: Bushy rainbow wrack Cystoseira tamariscifolia. This species is iridiscent blue, purple and green. IMG_1829All species together: IMG_1860

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